Will A Pellet Gun Kill A Possum | Explained

Pellet guns have long been a popular choice for pest control, and when it comes to dealing with troublesome critters like possums, many people wonder, “Will a pellet gun kill a possum?”

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of pellet guns, exploring the best choices, the potential targets, and the ethical considerations surrounding possum control.

Will A Pellet Gun Kill A Possum?

What Pellet Gun is Best for Killing Possum?

Choosing the right pellet gun is crucial for effective pest control. According to airgun expert Brian Wheater, the Crosman Pumpmaster 760 stands out as an excellent option. This .177 caliber pellet gun, known for its accuracy and power, can shoot up to 625 feet per second. Wheater suggests that a pellet gun with serious hunting pellets can be even more powerful, generating around 16–18 foot-pounds of muzzle energy, making it suitable for possum elimination.

What Can a Pellet Gun Kill?

Pellet guns, when used correctly, can be effective in eliminating small pests like rats, possums, squirrels, skunks, and weasels. The Crosman Pumpmaster 760, with its .177 caliber pellets, is particularly recommended for these purposes. However, it’s essential to note that a pellet gun might not kill a possum outright, and multiple shots may be required to ensure a humane and swift end.

Why Are Possums So Hard to Kill?

Will A Pellet Gun Kill A Possum?

Possums, being nocturnal and skilled climbers, present a unique challenge when it comes to pest control. Their elusive nature and adaptability make them difficult targets. Moreover, the anatomy of possums, with their sturdy bodies and agile movements, can sometimes resist immediate incapacitation. This emphasizes the importance of choosing the right pellet gun and aiming for critical areas for a humane kill.

Will a .177 1300fps Pellet Rifle Kill a Possum?

According to airgun competitor Brian Wheater, a .177 caliber pellet gun with a velocity of 1300fps can indeed kill a possum. However, he emphasizes the significance of considering the purpose behind eliminating the possum. If it poses a threat to domestic animals or crops, or if you plan to consume the possum, then using a pellet gun is justifiable. Wheater cautions against harming creatures unnecessarily, promoting a responsible and ethical approach to pest control.

How to Kill a Possum

When faced with the need to control possums, it’s crucial to prioritize a humane approach to ensure ethical pest management. The general consensus in the discussion leans towards responsible practices for eliminating possums, with a focus on quick and humane kills.

  • Aim for Vital Areas: When using a pellet gun, target vital areas such as the head or body. Precision is key to ensuring an immediate and humane kill, minimizing any unnecessary suffering for the possum.
  • Selecting the Right Tool: The Crosman Pumpmaster 760, with its .177 caliber pellets, is recommended for possum control. This airgun provides a balance of accuracy and power, facilitating an effective and humane kill when used responsibly.
  • Consider Ethical Implications: Before taking any action, consider the ethical implications of eliminating possums. Assess whether the possum poses a genuine threat to domestic animals, crops, or your property, justifying the need for humane pest control.
  • Prioritize Safety: Always prioritize safety during the process. Ensure a clear line of sight and eliminate any potential risks to yourself and others. Responsible pest control involves not only the well-being of the target species but also the safety of everyone involved.
  • Explore Alternatives: If the situation allows, consider alternative methods such as live traps. Live trapping provides a humane way to capture possums without causing harm, allowing for their safe relocation away from your property.
How to Kill a Possum

Approaching possum control with a blend of precision, responsibility, and ethical considerations ensures a humane and effective outcome. By following these guidelines, you contribute to responsible wildlife management while maintaining a safe environment for all parties involved.

Would a Pellet Gun Kill a Large Possum?

The effectiveness of a pellet gun in killing a large possum depends on various factors, including the caliber, pellet type, and shot placement. While a .177 caliber pellet gun can be suitable for smaller possums, larger ones may require more power. It’s crucial to assess the size of the possum and choose an appropriate pellet gun accordingly.


In conclusion, using a pellet gun for possum control can be effective when approached responsibly and ethically. The Crosman Pumpmaster 760, with its .177 caliber pellets, is recommended for this purpose. However, it’s crucial to consider the necessity and ethical implications of eliminating possums.

Always aim for humane kills, prioritize safety, and explore alternative methods like live traps if possums are not an immediate threat. Balancing the need for pest control with ethical considerations ensures a more responsible approach to possum management.


Where to shoot a possum to kill it?

Aim for the head or vital body areas when shooting a possum for a quick and humane kill. Precision is crucial to ensure a swift and ethical outcome.

Is it legal to kill a possum?

Possum legal status varies by location. Some areas consider them nuisance wildlife with open seasons, while others offer full protection. Always check local regulations before taking any action.

what kills possums fast?

A well-placed shot from a .177 caliber pellet gun, aiming for the head or body, can provide a swift and humane way to kill possums. Always prioritize accuracy and safety.