6 Best Pellet Gun For Rabbits 2024 | Top Picks

Are you looking for the perfect pellet gun to deal with pesky rabbit intrusions on your property? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a hunter or just need an effective solution against rabbits entering into your garden, selecting the right pellet gun is essential. In this blog post, we’ll go over all of the different types and models of pellet guns that can be effectively used for hunting and shooting rabbits, giving you guidance about which type might best suit your needs.

We will also provide advice on how to select reliable ammunition and discuss some important safety protocols so that any outing with a pellet gun goes smoothly. Read on for all our helpful tips about choosing the best pellet gun for rabbits.

List of Top 6 Best Pellet Gun For Rabbits

Read the ultimate guide to finding the best pellet gun for rabbits. Explore top-rated options, expert reviews, and essential tips to ensure humane and effective rabbit control with precision and safety.

Daisy 880 Powerline Air Rifle

Introducing the Daisy 880 Powerline Air Rifle. This rifle is perfect for a beginner to intermediate shooter, and boasts a range of great features that makes it a must-have for every airgun enthusiast. It features a black finish with a 0.177 caliber, and is powered either by battery or electric.

Daisy 880 Powerline Air Rifle Reviews

With a velocity of up to 750 feet per second and 50 rounds, you can count on plenty of firepower for precision shooting. The frame of the rifle is made of plastic for light weight and durability, so you can take it wherever you need to go.

Plus, it comes with a one year limited warranty for some added peace of mind. Not to mention you’ll also get a scope, ammo, and glasses, so you’ll be ready to go right out of the box. Get the Daisy 880 Powerline Air Rifle now and make every shooting experience the best one yet.


Item Weight0.01 Ounces
Air Gun Power TypeBattery, Electric
Frame MaterialPlastic

Hatsan 95 Air Rifle

The Hatsan 95 Air Rifle is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and effective rifle. This powerful and accurate air rifle packs a punch, with a spring-piston power type and an alloy steel barrel.

The wood frame is lightweight yet durable, making it a great choice for many years of use. The modular design of the Mod 95 Spring Combo allows you to customize and configure the rifle to suit your needs.

Hatsan 95 Air Rifle Reviews

The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to handle, ensuring maximum accuracy and control. With its 1”L x 1”W x 1”H dimensions and 7.6lbs weight, the Hatsan 95 Air Rifle is easy to transport and store. Whether you’re in the field hunting game or at the range, this rifle is sure to meet your expectations. Get the power and performance you need with the Hatsan 95 Air Rifle.


Product Dimensions1″L x 1″W x 1″H
Weight7.6 Pounds
Air Gun Power TypeSpring-Piston
Barrel Material TypeAlloy Steel
Frame MaterialWood

Barra Pellet Guns

The Barra Pellet Gun is designed for maximum accuracy and performance. This single-shot, 4.5 Caliber CO2-powered pellet gun is equipped with a black TPR frame and an 18″ rifled steel barrel that allows for easy cocking and shooting.

With a velocity of 1200 FPS (when using premium .177 Cal pellets) and a 4×32 adjustable scope, you can ensure pinpoint accuracy with every shot. The Barra Pellet Gun also features a spring piston power system, which helps to maintain consistent speed.

Barra Pellet Guns reviews

Plus, two scope mounts and a lens cover are included for convenience. This product weighs 7.9 pounds and measures 39.3″L x 2.25″W x 7.1″H, making it both powerful and lightweight, so you can take it out in the field with you. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just looking to brush up on your shooting skills, the Barra Pellet Gun is the perfect companion.


Product Dimensions39.3″L x 2.25″W x 7.1″H
Weight7.9 Pounds
Air Gun Power TypeCO2
Barrel Material TypeMetal
Frame MaterialPlastic

Varmint Air Rifle

The Varmint Air Rifle from Gamo is the perfect choice to help you take your shooting skills to the next level. It is built from the highest quality materials and designed to be extremely accurate and reliable. The black rifle measures 43.3 inches long and 3 inches wide, with an item weight of 5.5 pounds. The barrel is made of alloy steel and the frame is constructed from durable plastic.

Varmint Air Rifle reviews

This rifle will shoot .177 caliber rounds at a velocity of 1250 ft/sec. The included 4×32 scope will give you a clear view of your target and allow for precise aiming. The Varmint Air Rifle comes with a one year limited warranty for your convenience. Get ready to take your shooting to the range with the highly accurate and reliable Varmint Air Rifle.


Dimensions43.3″L x 3″W x 6.2″H
Weight5.5 Pounds
Air Gun Power TypeSpring-Piston
Barrel Material TypeAlloy Steel
Frame MaterialPlastic

Barra Airguns

The Barra Airguns 900 air rifle combines style and precision to give you unbeatable accuracy. With a 20″ rifled barrel, 4×15 rifle scope, and adjustable fiber optic sights, you will be able to hit your targets with incredible precision.

The large chamber opening makes it easy to load, and the multi-pump pneumatic allows you to control your shots with precise power and consistency. The durable ABS plastic stock has a subtle textured finish, and features a pistol grip handle and a drop stock for better sighting.

Barra Airguns reviews

With a maximum velocity of 800 FPS, you can take your game to the next level whether it’s small game hunting or long range target practice. Great for beginner and seasoned marksmen alike, the Barra Airguns 900 air rifle is sure to become your go-to rifle in no time.


Weight5 Pounds
Team NameBarra Airguns
Air Gun Power TypePump-Pneumatic
Barrel Material TypeMetal
Frame MaterialPlastic

Umarex Ruger Targis Hunter Max

The Umarex Ruger Targis Hunter Max is the perfect air rifle for any hunter or shooter looking for an effortless yet precise shooting experience. This .22 caliber air rifle utilizes a gas piston break barrel, the latest in air gun technology, to produce optimal accuracy and power. With an adjustable trigger and 15″ barrel, you can fine-tune your shooting experience to get the maximum effect out of each shot.

This air rifle is designed for long-term use, with a metal frame and durable construction that will remain reliable for years to come. The scope and mounts included with the Umarex Ruger Targis Hunter Max provide a clear and accurate view, allowing you to see your target before you take the shot.

Umarex Ruger Targis Hunter Max

Safety is also paramount with its Automatic Safety & Silencair technology ensuring that you are always in control. With its lightweight design (7.5 pounds) and product dimensions of 45.75″L x 3.5″W x 10.25″H this air rifle is easily transported, making it the perfect companion for any of your outdoor activities. The Umarex Ruger Targis Hunter Max is the perfect air rifle for any hunter or shooter looking for a reliable and accurate rifle.


Dimensions45.75″L x 3.5″W x 10.25″H
Weight7.5 Pounds
Air Gun Power TypeGas-Piston
Frame MaterialMetal

Buying Guide for Pellet Guns for Rabbits

Rabbits are notorious for constantly gnawing away at your precious garden plants and produce, which causes an unwarranted headache for gardeners. But using traps or poisons is not only inhumane but also illegal in many countries. This is where pellet guns come in handy. Pellet guns are an effective and humane way to control rabbit populations. They shoot pellets accurately and with enough force to disable and kill rabbits quickly.

However, with an overwhelming range of pellet guns on the market, choosing the best one for rabbits could be daunting. This comprehensive buying guide should provide the necessary insights on pellet guns to help you make a considerable investment.


The caliber of a pellet gun largely determines the gun’s effectiveness in taking down a rabbit. A .177 caliber pellet gun is suitable for small games like birds, small rodents, and mice but may not be effective when dealing with rabbits. A .22 caliber or more is the appropriate caliber for rabbits. Its heavier weight and larger surface area will knock down rabbits with ease. But remember, the higher the caliber, the higher the cost of both pellets and the gun.


A pellet gun’s power or velocity determines how fast the pellets travel after firing. The higher the velocity, the more powerful the gun will be. Pellet guns with velocities over 800 ft/s are quite powerful enough to take down rabbits. However, consider the potential noise complaints from neighbors. Some pellet guns come with decibel reduction features, which make them quieter with stifled shots.


Pellet guns have three types of actions: spring, CO2, and gas ram. A spring-powered pellet gun is enticing because it’s simple to use, and the recoil is manageable. They’re quiet, have few moving parts, and require minor maintenance, making them reliable for beginners. A CO2-powered pellet gun is easy to use and offers consistent accuracy with every shot.

However, they’re expensive to maintain since you have to keep buying Co2 cartridges. Gas ram pellet guns combine the best of both worlds, offering the ease of use of spring-powered guns and the accuracy of CO2-powered guns. They have fewer moving parts and offer a higher velocity, but they’re a bit harder to cock.


A good scope can make a massive difference in shot accuracy when using a pellet gun to hunt rabbits. A high-quality scope will allow you to quickly acquire targets and keep them in sight while shooting, creating a precise shot every time since you have a magnified view of your target. When choosing a scope, consider its magnification powers, diameter, field of vision, and whether it is waterproof. Keep in mind the cost of the scope since it can exponentially increase your overall expenses.


The design of a pellet gun is equally important since it affects your comfort levels while shooting. Pellet guns come in different styles, designs, and weights. Choose a design that feels comfortable in your hands, has an ergonomic grip, and good balance. The weight of the gun also matters since an overly heavy gun can make it challenging to aim, especially for extended periods.


Investing in a pellet gun is an effective and humane way to control rabbit populations. A good pellet gun with the right features won’t just help you protect your turf but also offer an enjoyable shooting experience. When choosing a pellet gun, consider the caliber, velocity, action, scope, and design since they’re crucial in determining the gun’s effectiveness. Additionally, remember to handle pellet guns with care, ensure you’re within legal shooting ranges, and confirm that you have the necessary permits to use them during hunting seasons.